Hello Everyone,

   Thank you for stopping by and checking out my new business website, Skyla Spencer Entertainment. I am thrilled that the website launch is officially here. I am still working on things and will always be updating and adding things to the website daily sos keep checking back. I am just that type of person that is always striving and pushing for perfection. Excitement is an understatement, I have been considering launching my own entertainment/production company for quite some time. If it is your first reading about me, here is a little brief back story of my adventures in Nashville,TN.

I am from WV, and I have been in Nashville for years now and it has been an incredible journey. I moved here with two degrees in dance and a BA in Psychology to pursue my career in music. I have had success in both, and I know I have been blessed with so many great opportunities.  I have learned a lot. Some were great choices, some were bad decisions, and I had a few missed opportunities I regret, but I believe this all led to where I am today. It is a piece of the puzzle.

Thru my Nashville journey over 7 years or longer, I became ill with Thyroid Disease which affected my life tremendously and still does. I basically stopped performing/singing. My energy was gone and so was my spirit. I had lost my singing voice for awhile, and faced depression. It wasn't until a year ago that I found a specialist that helped, listened to me and has put me on the road back to stabilizing my thyroid. I am not cured, but I am doing much better. I basically felt like I was in a coma for 7 or more years and just awoke. It is crazy. Thru this change of medication, and the right doctor, I started writing, singing again, and most recently started my own entertainment and production company. I am also working on developing some shows and producing them. I feel like I am the ole me again. So come along and join me on this journey as I rediscover myself. Meet the entertainers I work with daily, and watch us climb our way to the top. 

This is just a little piece of my story and what all is happening in my life right now. I will be announcing more soon!

I just wanted to personally drop you a line and say Thank You for supporting me in everything I do, for your friendship and love!! Welcome to the SSE website page.

God Bless,

Skyla Spencer

CEO-Skyla Spencer Entertainment




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